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June, 2023 - June, 2024 Board Members
The Annual Meeting & installation of board members this year will be June 4, 2023. It will include the adoption of the revised Bylaws. The newly revised Bylaws include but are not limited to board member duties being clarified, the number of board members being scaled down and some of the titles of the board being changed among many other items.

The list of the 2023-2024 Board Members along with their new titles will be announced and appointed at the Annual Meeting. The results will be posted here soon after the Annual Meeting.

June, 2022 - June, 2023 Board Members
President Michelle Polcari
1st VP (Programs) Janet Payne
2nd VP (Membership) Marcie Long
3rd VP (Fundraising) Jill Maroney
4th VP (Communication - Newsletter) Debbie Hays
SecretaryCarolyn Pohlner
Treasurer Kurt Weideman
Financial SecretaryKeri Gilbert
Historian Jim Specht
Special Events Joann Miyamoto
Museum Volunteers Ann Strong
Member-at-Large Sue Herbers
Parliamentarian Rebecca Poirier

Jared S. Torrance
(Founder of the City of Torrance)

Advisory Board

Michael George
Gene Hassan
Sue Herbers
Janice Plank

Museum Contacts

Janet Payne Acting as Museum Coordinator
Cleoarn Ferm, Acting as Assistant Museum Coordinator
Cynthia Aguado, Library Liaison

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